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Setting up OpenGear ACM5004 for remote access via mobile/Celluar networks

In this guide we will setup an OpenGear ACM5004 for remote mgmt and remote SSH capabilities (serial ports) over the mobile network, utilizing DynDNS to enable easy connection to the device. A fair warning first, I would not use the OpenGear over cellular networks as a permanent solution to access any equipment. The reason being […]

RANCID and restricted user on ASA

You may not want to configure RANCID using yout your default privilege level 15 user when it performs backup of your Cisco ASA. Leveraging commmand authorization will enable granular control of which commands it runs. !– Allowed commands privilege cmd level 4 mode exec command more privilege cmd level 4 mode exec command dir privilege […]

Cisco Prime Infrastructure – SFTP Repository

A quick guide on how to backup your Prime Infrastructure Server to a remote SFTP repository. As of default, defaultRepo, the backup is placed locally on the appliance disk. For obvious reasons, this is not feasible in a production environment. The web interface, found under “Administration > Background Tasks > Other Background Tasks > Prime […]

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 virtual appliance boot loop

An issue I came across was a virtual appliance stuck in a boot loop after the VMware environment lost its power. The console output was giving off the following text prior to rebooting: Warning: pci_mmcfg_init marking 256MB space uncacheable sda: assuming drive cache: write through sda: assuming drive cache: write through Reading all physical volumes. […]

A guide to installing FreeBSD and RANCID

Document Purpose and audience This post aims to give a high-level introduction to the installation and configuration of FreeBSD and RANCID. The tutorial is intended for newbies in the world of FreeBSD/RANCID. Disclaimer I’m myself fairly new to FreeBSD, as the content of this post will reflect. Installing FreeBSD Hardware For my intallation I have […]