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Upgrading a quad supt VSS-cluster 6807 with minimal network interruptions

Scope and disclaimer This blog post is primarily to explain and show the process of upgrading a Quad-sup 6807 VSS-cluster using the In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) feature, also known as Enchanged Fast Software Upgrade(EFSU) in VSS terminology. The entire process is very painless as long as the cabling is done right. Requirements Dual homed […]

Copy ftp from within specific VRF on Cisco IOS

When trying to copy something, like software, from a FTP-server, you are not able to specify source IP or interface which may be troublesome. You can however configure your router to use a specific IP/VLAN as source. cisco# configure terminal cisco(config)# ip ftp username myusername cisco(config)# ip ftp password mypassword cisco(config)# ip ftp source-interface vlan […]