How to factory reset a LAP1131AG

If you move a LAP for any reason and need to reset it to factory default (And did not do this prior to moving it away from the WLC) you’ll most likely bump into a problem when trying to issue the command “clear lwapp private-config” or “clear lwapp ip controller address”: ERROR!!! Command is disabled.
This procedure is meant for reconnecting the LAP to a different WLC.

You can use this procedure to clear the configuration
– Unplug power cord
– Hold in reset, while plugging in power cord
– Wait 10-15 secs before releasing the reset button.
– This should bring your access point into the bootrom.
– Delete the software image present on the AP – DO NOT delete the recovery image.
– And boot!
– Now the AP will use the recovery image and the “clear lwapp”-commands are unlocked.
– Clear lwapp private-config and clear lwapp and reboot. Voila, the LAP will be able to reconnect to a different WLC.

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