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Unable to delete object in Check Point

I encountered this error today, where I was prohibited to delete a network object. The “where used” referred to the firewall object and the following context string: “interfaces->{F618DF02-1BE7-4A2E-AC7E-B22C44F1ED22}->security->netaccess->allowed” The solution, althrough a bit tricky to find, was very simple. The firewall’s anti-spoofing on the external interface was configured to not check packets with IP-addresses originating […]

Check Point Security Gateway stores fw.log locally

I came across an issue where the Check Point Security Gateway consistently stored the firewall logs locally as well as forwarding them to the Security Management server. As a result the /var/log partition reached 100%. Thinking this was the result of the Security Gateway having lost connection with the SM at some point (which makes […]

Check Point Upgrade_export – out.tar: Cannot write: No space left on device

The error message “… out.tar: Cannot write: No space left on device” can be seen when running the upgrade_export migration utility. The upgrade_export migration utility fails due to a very simple fact – The system partition is not big enough to accommodate the out.tar-file temporarily created during the migration. Workaround There is however workaround. We […]

SmartDashboard – The Fingerprint of the server SERVERNAME was changed

When trying to connect to the Security Management Server a warning read “The Fingerprint of the server SERVERNAME was changed.” …. “Do you approve the Fingerprint as valid?” This message is very typical when you for the first time connect to the SM using SmartConsole, but this particular SM had been operational for quite some […]

Check Point VPN client for windows 8.1

If you previously used E75.30 VPN-client and have installed Windows 8.1, you may be slightly confused as to which VPN-client you should use with your existing licenses. Remote Access Clients E75.30 does not have a planned release for Win8.1 and you need to move over to E80. The E80-train used to require its own management […]

Migrating Stand-alone checkpoint installation to seperate gateway and management server (distributed installation)

The process of separating a standalone installation could be broken down to a few high-level steps Do an upgrade_export of exisiting base and import it on a new server installed as both SG and SM (which will eventually be SM) Remove all security products on the standalone-object, leaving only management products enabled. Install database and […]

HP ProLiant DL380p G8 – unable to find mass storage drivers when installing CheckPoint GAiA R75, R76, R77

There is an odd issue occuring when installing GAiA on HP DL380p G8 with P420i Smart Array Controller. The installation is unable to find the drivers and none of the drivers on HP website work. The problem occurs when using the built-in DVD-rom and the solution is described in Check Points solution ID sk87704-article Solution: […]