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Upgrading a quad supt VSS-cluster 6807 with minimal network interruptions

Scope and disclaimer This blog post is primarily to explain and show the process of upgrading a Quad-sup 6807 VSS-cluster using the In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) feature, also known as Enchanged Fast Software Upgrade(EFSU) in VSS terminology. The entire process is very painless as long as the cabling is done right. Requirements Dual homed […]

Cisco AP not in bound state and will not join controller

At a customers a new SAP2702I would not join the controller and was stuck in a loop of translating cisco-capwap-controller and renew its IP address. Translating “CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER”…domain server ( S Loading ! Loading ! Loading ! Loading ! Not in Bound state. *Mar 1 00:03:37.059: %DHCP-6-ADDRESS_ASSIGN: Interface BVI1 assigned DHCP address […]

Failing to transfer image to Cisco CAP

When trying to load an image from tftp on your computer, the lightweight AP reverts its interfaces to DHCP because it is not able to find a controller. This happen when either archive download-sw or ordinary copy tftp flash It gives off the following error CAPWAP-3-STATIC_TO_DHCP_IP: Could not discover WLC using static IP. Forcing AP […]

The Cisco 3650 stacking module. Not really a module.

If you ever have asked yourself the question “How can I tell if my 3650 has a stacking module installed?” or “what commands shows if there is stacking module installed“.Those questions will be addressed in this post. The short answer is: Unless the switch is already stacked with another switch and you can verify this […]

How to dynamically assign VLAN ID to different users on same same SSID when using FlexConnect

Many wireless setups uses one SSID, where a range of different users are assigned different VLAN IDs depending on a number of criteria, such as department, geo-location and so forth. But when using Cisco FlexConnect, the setup is somewhat “hidden”. An example of such a setup is shown below: One of the pre-requisits for FlexConnect […]

Copy ftp from within specific VRF on Cisco IOS

When trying to copy something, like software, from a FTP-server, you are not able to specify source IP or interface which may be troublesome. You can however configure your router to use a specific IP/VLAN as source. cisco# configure terminal cisco(config)# ip ftp username myusername cisco(config)# ip ftp password mypassword cisco(config)# ip ftp source-interface vlan […]

Cisco DOM – Digital Optical Monitoring and does cleaning your fiber cables make any difference?

Cisco has intercorperated monitoring of optical interfaces a while back, but what is relatively new is that the DOM-support is the new default mGBIC from Cisco. You can recognize the DOM-support by the model name GLC-LH-SMD and GLC-SX-MMD (Notice the D at the end). Have a look at this link to view full list of […]