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How to search and lookup in FortiGate Internet Service Database(ISDB)

Just a quick note on how to lookup and search in the FortiGate Internet Service Database(ISDB) for later reference. Search for a service: FortiGate80D # get system status | grep Version Version: FortiGate-80D v6.2.2,build1010,191008 (GA) FortiGate80D # diagnose internet-service id | grep -i microsoft ID: 327681 name: “Microsoft-Web” ID: 327682 name: “Microsoft-ICMP” ID: 327683 name: […]

Site to Site VPN between FortiGate and Check Point – malformed payload

Just thought I’d drop a post on a compatability issue which caused a lot of hassle for us. Problem: Problems establishing site to site VPN between FortiGate 1500D and Check Point 1430 appliance with Gaia embedded. Error: Main Mode Sent Notification to Peer: payload malformed – possibly a mismatch in pre-shared keys Background: We were […]

Multiple commands in auto-script / set script-variable

Just a quick note about the auto-script functionality and how to run multiple commands, because this had me stomped on a Monday morning. (Thank you FortiNet for your sparse documentation) There is no fancy solution, no special new line characters, no encapsulating the commands in quatation marks and separating them by a delimiter or anything […]

Automated backup of Forti -Gate, -Manager & -Analyzer

Just a quick note on how to automate backup of your FortiGate, FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager. FortiManager / FortiAnalyzer Use the following configuration config system backup all-settings set status enable set protocol sftp set server “” set user “fortibackup” set passwd “YourPassword” set directory “/home/fortibackup” set week_days sunday set time “23:00:00” set crptpasswd “CryptoKeyForYourBackup” end A […]