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Microsoft CA commands and cheat sheet

This post does not go into depth of anything really, but serves more as a post to list useful commands/settings in a PKI setup. If you got anything to add, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list as soon as I can. Client commands certutil -pulse – Triggers auto-enrollment […]

Web server template with private key export

Per default, the web server template in Microsoft CA does not allow exportation of the private key once installed onto a system. To enable this option you need to create a new WebServer template which allows just that. As we can see from the default WebServer template, the export Private Key is unticked which is […]

Access requests discarded on Microsoft IAS

The issue at hand was simply that the wireless clients were unable to connect to a 802.1X-enabled wireless network. The clients were authentication themselves to a Microsoft Windows 2003 IAS-server and there had been some work with the certificates prior to this so it was most likely related to the certificates. First off I was […]