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Cisco AP not in bound state and will not join controller

At a customers a new SAP2702I would not join the controller and was stuck in a loop of translating cisco-capwap-controller and renew its IP address. Translating “CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER”…domain server ( S Loading ! Loading ! Loading ! Loading ! Not in Bound state. *Mar 1 00:03:37.059: %DHCP-6-ADDRESS_ASSIGN: Interface BVI1 assigned DHCP address […]

Failing to transfer image to Cisco CAP

When trying to load an image from tftp on your computer, the lightweight AP reverts its interfaces to DHCP because it is not able to find a controller. This happen when either archive download-sw or ordinary copy tftp flash It gives off the following error CAPWAP-3-STATIC_TO_DHCP_IP: Could not discover WLC using static IP. Forcing AP […]

How to dynamically assign VLAN ID to different users on same same SSID when using FlexConnect

Many wireless setups uses one SSID, where a range of different users are assigned different VLAN IDs depending on a number of criteria, such as department, geo-location and so forth. But when using Cisco FlexConnect, the setup is somewhat “hidden”. An example of such a setup is shown below: One of the pre-requisits for FlexConnect […]

Converting stand-alone Cisco autonomous access point to lightweight access point

From time to time, IT personell find it feasible to purchase autonomous access points for later converting them to lightweight access points which connects to a central Wireless LAN Controller (WLC). Fortunately for us, the conversion from autonomous to lightweight is simple and straight forward. In this example I’ve converted a SAP1602i access point.

How to factory reset a LAP1131AG

If you move a LAP for any reason and need to reset it to factory default (And did not do this prior to moving it away from the WLC) you’ll most likely bump into a problem when trying to issue the command “clear lwapp private-config” or “clear lwapp ip controller address”: ERROR!!! Command is disabled. […]